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Yahoo! Search

The Yahoo! directory is your online guide to the Internet.

Yahoo! offers new, faster ways to find information whether it is on the Internet or part of the Yahoo! Network. Access a range of features with one simple search.


Yahoo! Search

The editors at Yahoo! visit and evaluate web sites, then organize them into subject-based categories and sub-categories to create the Yahoo! directory. Enter keywords to begin your Yahoo! Search.

Yahoo! Search Help

Find helpful information on how to expertly search and find what you need using Yahoo! Search.

Yahoo! Directory Help

Still aren't sure of the difference between a web directory and search engine? Directory Basics is just one of the many topics discussed in the Yahoo! Directory Help.

Yahoo! Small Business

Extend your search for small business information at Yahoo! Small Business. Learn about starting a business, managing a business, and creating an online business presence.

Yahoo! Company History

Everyone has heard of Yahoo! but who knows how Yahoo! got its name? Read the entertaining account of what happened when a couple of yahoos got an idea!