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Miscellaneous Resources

View a collection of helpful and informative links. Use these resources as often as you like.

World News Headlines

Take a quick look at the latest headlines on world news.

BBC World News

For comprehensive, balanced, timely coverage of world events, go to BBC World News. The BBC World Edition is being updated every minute of every day.

The New York Times - International News Headlines

Read the latest international news headlines from The New York Times.

Google News - Top Stories

Read the Top Stories from Google News on a variety of topics, including World News, U.S. News, Business News, Technology News, and Science News. Use the helpful search feature provided by Google to search and browse continuously updated news sources from around the world.

Going on a trip? Let help you. Use its handy search tool to find the latest deals, prices, and promotions.

Use to book your air travel if you are a United Kingdom resident with a United Kingdom delivery address. is the answer for spam free web search. Its goal is to provides a directory of high quality web sites.

Free Greeting Cards

Select from a wide array of free greeting cards for friends, family, and acquaintances.


Design your own custom greeting cards with Canva. It is a simple, drag-and-drop design software that is completely online and free to use. By using Canva's free album cover maker, you can create incredible album covers for all your albums, podcasts, and music tracks in just a few minutes. offers a collection of financial aid, academic, and career resources. Curated by industry professionals, it provides students and professionals with the most up-to-date information in computer science education.

JoeAnt Directory

JoeAnt is a human-edited directory of quality web sites for Internet users. The goal of its editors is to list the best web sites on a wide variety of topics to give users the most relevant search results.

Learn how to design and sell merchandise online for free! All you need to do is provide the designs and promote your store. You will also find examples of CafeShops to help you get started.

Cartoon Greeting Cards

Find a collection of free cartoon greeting cards available on the Internet.

Free Stock Ticker

Download a free stock ticker for your Desktop. The stock ticker is small and easy to use. It has a right-click menu with options. You can change the size, color, scrolling speed, stock symbols, and more.


Find a collection of free postcards available on the Internet. Choose from a variety of postcards featuring art, nature, and travel locations.

Weather Search

Learn about popular weather sites providing global forecasts and weather information.

Currency Converter

Use a free Currency Converter to quickly and easily find exchange rates. Exchange Rates are also listed in three categories and country flags are displayed.

Link Partners

View a list of reciprocal links with valuable resources, services, products, information, and tools on the Internet.


Gimpsy is a unique web directory that uses a highly sophisticated natural language query method for very precise personalization of search results. This valuable search tool classifies Internet sites in a new and novel way by focusing primarily on the activity that a user can conduct at each web site. is an online database of 13,000 translators from around the world, functioning in 9 languages, and providing listings of translation jobs and projects as well as services and tools for translators.

Hoover Web Design

Hoover Web Design provides professional web design, web site development, web site templates, web hosting, domain name registration, and search engine submission services.

Key Technologies - Your Key to Great IT Help

Key Technologies is your key to great IT help! It provides consulting and information technology (IT) support services, including network design, LAN/WAN installation, server upgrades, data migration, workstation hardware and peripherals, virus protection, firewall security, paperless automation, managed services, cloud integration, backup and disaster recovery, virtual private network (VPN) deployment, and e-mail services.

Language Translation Service

Language Translation Service provides excellence in Spanish, French, German, English, and multiple language translation services by outstanding translators at affordable rates. is designed to be a reliable and comprehensive portal to information on any county in the United States, providing an Internet presence for both large and small businesses and organizations.

Automated Metric Conversion Calculator

Quickly and easily perform automatic calculations to get basic conversions for length, weight, pressure, volume, and temperature.

World of Education

The WorldFacts Section is an invaluable resource to find maps, flags, and vital statistics on countries around the globe.

World Time Server

The World Time Server provides the most accurate current local times of any world clock on the Internet. It makes real time adjustments for Daylight Saving Time. No matter where the country or city is located, this site is your best resource for determining its time.