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Start your day with humor! We prescribe a daily dose of laughter so don't forget to bookmark this site.

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View Today's Cartoon by Randy Glasbergen!

Randy Glasbergen has a new cartoon every morning so don't miss it! Just click on the banner to view Today's Cartoon and get your daily dose of humor.

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What's happening in Dilbert's world today? Find all the latest news on Dilbert, Dogbert, and co-workers at the official Dilbert web site by Scott Adams. Click on the graphic to read the Strip of the Day.

Read Peanuts at!

Everyone loves Snoopy! Keep up with the hilarious happenings of Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and friends at the official Peanuts web site. Just click on the graphic to read the Peanuts Comic Strip.

Read Garfield's Daily Comic Strip!

Looking for laughs? Click on the graphic to get your recommended daily allowance of humor at Garfield's official web site! You can even send the daily comic strip as an electronic postcard.

AndertoonsView Mark Anderson's Daily Cartoon!

Add a chuckle to your day with Andertoons! View the cartoons and illustrations of Mark Anderson.

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Ted Goff

View Ted Goff's Business, Computer and Safety Cartoons for Presentations and Newsletters.

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