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Financial Market Indexes

Learn about the available Internet resources on financial market indexes.

Find valuable information and statistics on the latest stock market data and financial markets.

U.S. Stock Market Indices - Weekly

Go to The Chart Store for the weekly U.S. Stock Market Indices, including the Dow Jones, the NASDAQ, and the S&P Composite.

Major Market Indexes

Check IndexWatch for statistics on the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) Index and the NASDAQ Composite Index. You can also view a summary of the major market indexes.

Stock Market Data and Financial Markets Summary - Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal provides online stock market data and a financial markets summary. You can view the Markets at a Glance, Major U.S. Stock Indexes, Exchange-Traded Funds, International Markets Overview, and more.

Index - Investopedia

Go to Investopedia to learn about the meaning of an index and what it typically means in financial terms.

Market Indexes - MarketWatch

View the latest financial data on the market indexes in the major markets.

Stock market index - Wikipedia

Learn about the meaning of a stock index or stock market index. Read about the types of indices, index versions, and more.

Stock and Bond Indexes and Performance

Go to Morningstar for financial data, including Market Indexes, Morningstar US Market, Morningstar Sectors, Market Barometer, Global Market Barometer, and News.

Stocks - Bloomberg

Bloomberg provides financial data on the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific.

Stock and Bond Markets Today - Edward Jones

Edward Jones provides a Daily Market Recap on the Stock and Bond Markets.