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Translation Resources

Find a collection of translation resources and tools to help you quickly translate text and web pages.

Learn about the many translation services available on the Internet.

Google Language Tools

Use the Google Language Tools to translate text or entire web pages. Search specific languages or countries, use the Google interface in your selected language via Preferences, or even visit the Google site in your own country.

InterWorld Translations

InterWorld Translations provides professional language translations to and from all major western and Asian languages, software localization, web site translation service, and multilingual desktop publishing.

Capita Translation and Interpreting

Capita Translation and Interpreting (Capita TI) provides translation and interpreting services to the commercial and public sector, making it easy to communicate with customers, employees, and shareholders in other languages.

Language Translation Service

Language Translation Service is a service provided by Total Documentation Services, Inc. It offers excellence in Spanish, French, German, English, and multiple language translation services by outstanding translators at affordable rates.


DayTranslations provides professional translation services and human interpreting solutions that connect you to the world. Its professional translation services enables you to excel in global markets and connect with your customers accurately, efficiently, and professionally. Its interpreting services offer quick and accurate interpreting services for consecutive interpretation and simultaneous interpretation in any language.

Lingo24 - Translation Services

Lingo24 is a translation company providing a comprehensive range of foreign language services to clients throughout the world.

Systran Translator

Use Systran Translator to translate web pages and text. To translate a Web page, just paste the code. To translate text, type it or paste it.

Russian Translation USA

Russian Translation USA provides translation services in all major areas between the Russian and English languages. Translation categories include technical, scientific, financial, web site and software localization, medical, legal, business correspondence, and personal correspondence.

Lengua Translations

Lengua Translations offers high quality and affordable translation services from and to almost all languages of the world.

Translation Services USA

Translation Services USA provides professional language translation services by human translators for corporative clients and individuals in the US and worldwide.

GoLocalise - Translation Services and Interpreters

ToLocalise offers translation and voice over services for many languages with its team of professional interpreters.

Indian Translators - Language Translation Services

Indian Translators is a company that is dedicated to serving your translation needs. It provides language translation services for foreign languages, Indian languages, and international languages. is an online database of 13,000 translators from around the world, functioning in 9 languages, and providing listings of translation jobs and projects as well as services and tools for translators.