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Symantec Software

Norton AntiVirus is the world's leading antivirus software.

Learn about the many Symantec products available to protect your computer.


Protect your valuable information, networks, and operating systems with Symantec's broad selection of software products.

Software Products:

  • Norton AntiVirus - World's most trusted antivirus solution
  • Norton Internet Security - Essential protection from viruses, hackers, and privacy threats
  • Norton Personal Firewall - Keep out hackers and protect data
  • Norton AntiSpam - Filter out unwanted e-mail
  • Norton SystemWorks - Smartest way to solve computer problems
  • Symantec pcAnywhere - World's leading remote control solution
  • Norton PartitionMagic - The standard in hard drive partitioning
  • Norton Utilities - Maximize your computer's performance
  • Norton Ghost - Automatically backup and recover everything on your computer