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Resume Distribution

Learn about the many methods of resume distribution.

How to Distribute Your Resume Online

You might have written your resume yourself, or maybe you hired a resume writing service. Most likely it took you lots of time, or at least cost you some cash. Regardless, you have made a considerable investment in your resume, and as a result you will want to make sure you distribute it effectively.

There are many methods of resume distribution. Some are free, while others will cost you; some take a lot of time, while others take barely any time at all. In order to decide which resume distribution method is the best one for you, take the time to consider the pros and cons of each.

Manually Searching for Jobs

Although the Internet has largely replaced more archaic ways of searching for jobs, this approach is not completely dead yet. Many people distribute their resumes the old-fashioned way - by finding and responding to job ads that interest them. Although the newspaper is still sometimes used, these days online classifieds and job boards are the primary resource for both employers and job seekers.

  • You can pick and choose which job ads you respond to.
  • You can personalize your response to each employer.
  • Searching for jobs can be extremely time consuming!
Using a Recruiter

Recruiters are individuals who are paid to fill an open position at a company. Many recruiters specialize in a specific industry, which enables them to constantly be on the lookout for both candidates and new positions. If you give your resume to a recruiter, they might have a position for you right away, or they might call you several months later. However, in order for recruiters to know you are out there, you need to find them.

  • Recruiters typically get wind of open positions in your industry before you would on your own.
  • Letting recruiters manage some of your job search for you frees up a little of your time.
  • For the best results, you will need to get your resume out to as many recruiters in your industry as possible.
  • Finding and contacting recruiters is almost as time-consuming as looking for the jobs yourself.
Attending Job Fairs

Job fairs and career fairs are scheduled gatherings of both employers and potential employees. Basically, you (and hundreds of other job seekers) will walk into a room or a convention center full of various employers and make the rounds – getting information, handing out resumes, and filling out applications.

  • You can reach dozens or even hundreds of employers in a relatively short amount of time.
  • The face-to-face approach allows for more personal interactions between employers and candidates.
  • You are limited to the employers that attend the job fair.
  • Job fairs can be busy, stressful, and intimidating events.
Posting Your Resume

Some job seekers like to boost their chances by enabling employers to find them. There are a number of job boards and other sites that allow you to post your resume online. Some are general job sites, such as and The well-known community site also provides a place for visitors to post their resumes. In addition, some specialized career sites allow job seekers to post resumes geared toward a specific industry.

  • Many job boards and community websites offer this service for free.
  • You can encourage employers to approach you with job offers.
  • General job boards usually contain hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of job seekers’ resumes.
  • Posted resumes usually have a low success rate for job seekers.
Using Resume Blasting Services

"Resume blasting" is when resume distribution services send a resume out to hundreds or thousands of recruiters and employers at once, usually without using any discretion as to who gets the resumes. Resume distribution services usually charge upfront for this service (unlike a recruiter, who only gets paid when they successfully fill a position).

  • Reach hundreds or thousands of employers and recruiters simultaneously.
  • Spend less time than you would with a conventional job search.
  • If you are a recent graduate or are looking for any job you can get, resume blasting will cover all of your bases.
  • You, the job seeker, have to pay for this service.
  • You will likely have little or no choice in who gets your resume.
  • You may not be a good match for many of the recruiters and employers who receive your resume.
Using Targeted Distribution Services

Many distribution services also offer targeted distribution of your resume. Unlike resume blasting services, you control who gets your resume. For instance, you can limit distribution to a specific location or industry; you can also choose to send your resume only to recruiters and employers who hire for a certain type of position or level of salary. Of course, just like the resume blasting service, targeted resume distribution is a service you will have to pay for.

  • Narrow your search to just those employers and recruiters you are interested in reaching.
  • Spend less time than you would with a conventional job search.
  • Increase your chances of landing a specific type of position and pay range.
  • Targeted resume distribution generally costs more than a general resume blasting service.
  • Most services don’t allow you a way to follow up with the employer after your resume is received
The Right Resume Distribution Method for You

The resume distribution method you decide upon will ultimately depend on what suits your needs the best. If you prefer doing your own legwork, obviously you will prefer searching for jobs and posting your resume yourself. If, on the other hand, you don’t have (or don't want to spend) the time, a resume distribution service can do it for you.

There are other preferences to consider. Some people like the convenience of email and the Internet, especially when searching for a job. Others prefer to use more traditional methods, such as the newspaper, recruiters, snail mail, and telephones.

Whether you stay traditional or go virtual, and whether you prefer to search for your own jobs or pay a resume distribution service to do the grunt work for you, just make sure that the resume distribution method you choose is the right one for you.

About the Author

Jason Kay writes for career related websites like JobGoRound, which provides job search information and advice as well as reviews of resume writing services and resume distribution services.