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Resume Writing Guide

Follow resume writing guidelines developed by professional resume writers.

Resume Basics

by Professional Resume Writing Services

Those of you seeking employment are well aware of the competition that you face in the energized business world of today. As in all things, you face competition from people who are better qualified and more experienced than you are. How do you give yourself an equal chance of competing with these people? The answer is to write a clever and professional resume.

To ensure that you write a resume that will get immediate and appropriate attention bear the following in mind:

  • Your resume should be short on words but long on facts.
  • It should convey a sense of energy and purpose, reflecting your personality and personal characteristics.
  • Your resume must focus on your strengths and abilities.
  • It should deflect attention away from areas of your experience or work history that lack vigor or definition.
  • Your resume must reveal your work history through effective descriptions of your experience.
  • Your resume must be an advocate of your strengths and personal characteristics.
  • Your resume should give a flattering and factual representation of your skills.
  • It should reflect your worth as a potential employee.
  • Present a logically displayed resume that is appealing to the reader in its clarity and presentation.

As you will see from the above there are many things to consider as you prepare to write your resume, however, the two most important things to remember are:

1. Your resume must demonstrate achievements, attributes and your expertise to its best advantage.

2. It must minimize any possible weaknesses that are within your scope of experience.

To achieve this adequate care must be taken as you gather your information together to begin work on your all-important resume.