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Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click search engines enable online advertisers to effectively and efficiently target potential customers and maximize advertising investments.

Pay Per Click Advertising Works!

Pay Per Click (PPC) search engines provide online advertisers with a highly efficient, cost effective means of driving traffic to their web sites. Advertisers bid for a priority location in the search results delivered in association with the keywords of their choice.

Search results are rank-ordered based on bids. An advertiser pays the bid amount only when an individual clicks-through to the advertiser's web site.

Most Pay Per Click search engines enable third party web sites to leverage these search capabilities through a revenue-sharing distribution program. Searches conducted by these means follow this pattern:

Advertisers - Choose the bid amounts that are appropriate for their business, and pay only for results (click-throughs).

Distribution Partners - Share in a portion of the revenues generated by click-throughs, which enables them to monetize traffic to their websites.

Consumers - Receive more relevant search results because advertisers must pay for each click-through, which means advertisers select and bid only on the most relevant keywords.

By providing advertisers, searchers, and distribution partners with greater value than other search engines, Pay Per Click search engines are able to provide an outstanding experience for all parties involved.

Establishing itself (Pay Per Click advertising) as the present and future of premier web advertising has given advertisers a wide variety of choices since more and more Pay Per Click options have become available.

Industry leaders such as Overture and Kanoodle have established themselves as leading the way in the Pay Per Click market. Customer satisfaction is what makes a client rely on a particular provider but some providers go the extra step to provide total customer satisfaction by assessing customer needs and by surpassing industry standards.