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Northern Light

The Northern Light search engine technology has won awards for being best in its class, providing superior search and classification technology.

Northern Light provides search and content integration solutions for enterprises and individuals.

Northern Light Solutions

Northern Light provides strategic research portals for market research, competitive intelligence, business analysis, product development, and technology research.

SinglePoint Strategic Platform

The SinglePoint Platform delivers a research-driven competitive advantage by making information easy to find and use. It is a custom-built enterprise knowledge management platform that seamlessly integrates and enables full-text search of all your research resources to create an invaluable competitive intelligence portal.

SinglePoint Benefits

Learn about the many benefits of SinglePoint. It saves customers millions of dollars and allows more time on strategic initiatives by making enterprise knowledge management and collaboration a priority. Schedule a demo to see the power of SinglePoint competitive intelligence portals for yourself.

Northern Light - Use Cases

Learn about the many benefits of using Northern Light technology, solutions, and products by reviewing multiple use cases.