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Employment Tips

Receive helpful hints, tips, and advice on what not to do when seeking employment.

5 Tips on What Not to Do When Seeking Employment

by Jay Crawford

Have you ever been unemployed? If not, chances are you will be in your lifetime.

1 - Don't have a proper Mindset!

Whatever you call it being laid off, fired, terminated or just making a career change it all means the same. Keep a level head and get your act together. Most people have lost a job, or will, as companies go through buyouts, competitive mergers, divestitures, reductions in force, hostile takeovers, rightsizing, downsizing, restructuring or become an alleged victim of executive misappropriation such as Enron, Tyco, Adelphia and Security Trust.

If you haven't had the composure or opportunity to talk with your former employer on severance pay, or extending medical benefits do so in a timely fashion in a professional manner. File for unemployment compensation. The sooner you can accept the situation you are in the sooner you can move forward. Keep a sense of humor. If you can show that you can produce results that can fit employer's needs you will be a desirable candidate for a position.

2 - Don't be prepared to deal with Pressure!

If you are financially independent then you probably don't need a job anyway.

While you are employed don't live beyond your financial means. When you get a raise and you automatically step up you life styles spending you haven't financially gained a thing. Credit cards can be the source of all financial evil but, they are nice to fall back on when you can't get a loan because you are not employed.

3 - Don't be prepared before you start looking for employment!

There are different strokes for different folks when talking about effective ways to land your dream job. No single approach is guaranteed for any one job seeker but, it will be a full time job. You will need a full time office. Don't procrastinate. The ball is in your court. You are selling yourself. Think positive and get organized.

4 - Don't forget your options!

It may take a while to find the opportunity you want. Consider a part time job/self employment, working on a trial basis, or a temporary agency while you continue your job search. Give thought to broaden the scope of your employment search. You can apply for different titles than you have been. You can commute further than you originally wanted to. It might be feasible to consider relocation if you haven't already.

5 - Don't fail to sharpen your job search skills!

Once you have gathered the proper tools, you will need to conduct research, properly prepare correspondence, have resumes that are tailored to specific job opportunities and requirements, excellent telephone skills and proper interviewing characteristics on the telephone and in person.

Jay has written a book entitled What Not to Do When Seeking Employment which is a one of a kind source elaborating on the above items, and highlighting over 180 Don'ts of looking for, or keeping, a position. It is based on actual experience of the author's nearly 40 years of employment and unemployment. The book also reveals the unpublished business realities of some small, middle and large businesses from both the job seeker's and employer's views.

The author is an independent security consultant. Jay also conducts searches for employers for specific management security positions. He may be reached at