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When it is more than just a job, let the experts at AnalyzeMyCareer help you find the perfect career.

Find the career that is right for you.


Leaders in aptitude, personality, occupational, and entrepreneurial assessments. Use the online assessment tools in seeking your own career path.

Test Center:

  • Aptitude Tests - Evaluate your aptitude ability on numerical reasoning, mechanical reasoning, abstract reasoning, spatial relations, verbal reasoning, language usage, and spelling.
  • Personality Test - Identify your personality type.
  • Occupational Interest - Develop a profile on different types of careers, ranked in order of preference.
  • Entrepreneurial Index - Build a career profile to analyze your entrepreneurial qualities and capabilities.
  • Expert Opinion - Analyze multiple career dimensions (Occupational Interest, Personality Test, Aptitude Test).
  • Expert Opinion Gold - Perform a more complete analysis of career components (Occupational Interest, Personality Test, Aptitude Test, Entrepreneurial Index).