September 23, 2009

Use Bing to search the Internet, read news, view images, find maps, shop, find the best travel deals, and much more.

Microsoft Small Business Resources

August 8, 2007

Are you seeking resources to assist you in improving or enhancing your small business?

Microsoft is dedicated to helping small business owners succeed in a competitive business environment. Find a selection of Microsoft Small Business Resources offering helpful advice, products, tools, and other information especially tailored for your small business needs.

Microsoft adCenter

May 3, 2006

If you are seeking a new way to reach targeted traffic for your small business web site, consider using Microsoft adCenter. Promote your small business on MSN Search where more than 40 million people search for products and services each month.

Windows News

May 25, 2005

Keep updated on the latest news about Microsoft Windows software by reading the recently updated Windows News headlines on the web site.

CNET – Windows anti-spyware to come free of charge

February 15, 2005

According to CNET, Bill Gates announced in a speech today at the annual RSA Security Conference that Microsoft AntiSpyware will be free.  Last month Microsoft released a free test version (Beta) but had not announced until today whether the software would be free in its final release.