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Watson Explorer

Watson Explorer is an IBM product offering a cognitive exploration and content analysis platform.

Vivisimo was a privately held technology company specialising in the development of computer search engines. The company was acquired by IBM in 2012 and is now branded as IBM Watson Explorer.

Watson Explorer - Smart, simple way to mine and explore unstructured data with cognitive exploration, powerful text analytics, and machine learning.


  • Evidence-Based Advice Using AI Models - Augument workers by providing artificial intelligence models. Seamlessly integrate with your existing workflow systems to further automate decision making.
  • Powerful Indexing and Search - Empower employees and customers by delivering the right information at the right time. Perform real-time search across multiple sources on both structured and unstructured data to turn data into knowledge.
  • Cognitive Data Mining - Use your cognitive assistant to guide you through vast amounts of information in minutes.
  • Open Standard Foundation - Deliver high performance and scalability for the next generation of advanced analytical capabilities based upon tried and tested open standards.
  • Rich Text Analytics - Aggregate, analyze, and visulaize large volumes of structured and unstructured data to extract meaining in order to reveal hidden insights and patterns.
  • Reliable Performance and Scale - Remove barriers of scale, support redundancy and reliability, and enable cloud-ready cognitive solutions with automatic index rebalancing across clusters.
  • Unified Access to All Your Data - Securely explore all your data via an intuitive and unified view. Quickly build highly customized data views, then review results within context.
  • Hybrid Cloud Architecture - Keep data where you want it located (on your premises or in the cloud) in order to make your business flexible.