The eNetSC eZine – September Edition

September 14, 2005

Please read the September 2005 Edition of The eNetSC eZine, our free online newsletter with web site information, updates, hints, tips, resources, and special offers.

Geek Beanie Long Sleeve T-Shirt

September 14, 2005

Fall is the perfect time to purchase a Geek Beanie Long Sleeve T-Shirt at The Techie Shop!

Displaying our original Geek Beanie design, this long sleeve t-shirt is a comfortable Hanes Beefy-T shirt that is 100% cotton, preshrunk, and durable.

Fractal Designs

September 14, 2005

Enclosed below is a list of the fractal designs currently available on apparel and merchandise at The Graphics Shop:

Amazing Artistry – Amazing Designs and Dazzling Artistry
Fantastic Fractals – Fantastic Imagery and Amazing Fractals
Brilliant Blues – Brilliant Colors and Vibrant Blues
Dazzling Designs – Dazzling Artistry and Fantastic Designs
Vibrant Variations – Vibrant Images and Color Variations
Colorful Creations – Colorful Designs and Dazzling Creations
Pleasing Patterns – Pleasing Designs and Colorful Patterns
Incredible Images – Incredible Patterns and Colorful Images
Pretty Pastels – Pretty Patterns and Pastel Images
Beautiful Blues – Beautiful Colors and Fantastic Blues
Purple Prints – Purple Images and Pretty Prints
Rich Reds – Rich Colors and Dazzling Reds

Google Blog Search

September 14, 2005

Do you need help in searching blogs?

Use Google Blog Search (Google-style interface) or Blog Search (Blogger-style interface) to quickly and easily find the latest blog entries.

The search results will include all the blogs in Google’s blog index, not just Blogger blogs. Multiple languages are available.

Google’s blog search can also be accessed from Blogger or from Blogger blogs. The navigation bar on Blogger blogs has been updated to enable you to search that specific Blogger blog or to search all blogs.

Web Site Design

September 13, 2005

Gain Web Site Design tips by reading a helpful article on creating effective web page titles to improve the search engine ranking of your small business web site.

Translation Resources

September 6, 2005

Looking for translation resources and services on the Internet?

View a helpful collection of Translation Resources and tools to help you quickly translate text and web pages or find translation services.

Internet Access

September 6, 2005

Surf the web with a fast, reliable Internet connection for a better Internet experience! View a helpful list of Internet Access solutions to learn about online options.