Pretty Pastels

May 31, 2005

View the beautiful colors and amazing artistry of fractal designs featured on apparel and merchandise in the recently added Pretty Pastels at The Graphics Shop.

Purple Fractal Prints

May 30, 2005

Additional fractal designs have been added to The Graphics Shop. Fractal designs are digital images created using algorithms that render multiple layers of vibrant prints and dazzling patterns.

Discover the bright colors and dynamic medley of fractals in the collection of Purple Prints featured on apparel and other merchandise.

Windows News

May 25, 2005

Keep updated on the latest news about Microsoft Windows software by reading the recently updated Windows News headlines on the web site.

Greetings @ The Graphics Shop

May 1, 2005

Send free Internet greeting cards to friends, family, fellow workers, and acquaintances from our recently updated Greetings at The Graphics Shop

Graphics featured on apparel and items in The Graphics Shop and The Techie Shop are available to send as free online greetings. You can even add a special touch by including music with your e-card. Customize and send a free virtual greeting to someone today.

The eNetSC eZine – May Edition

May 1, 2005

Please read the May 2005 Edition of The eNetSC eZine, a free online newsletter about information and resources on the web site.


May 1, 2005

Join a webring to increase market exposure for your small business web site.

A webring is a community of web sites that are linked together. If you would like to see an example. please view the Webrings for the web site.  You can also join our own webring (The Smallbiz Ring) if you have a similar web site.


May 1, 2005

If you are seeking a free web site monitoring service, consider HostTracker. The monitoring network of nodes will check the availability of a web site at specified intervals and send a notification if the site goes down. Multiple languages are available.