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Small Business Links

We are dedicated to helping Small Businesses be successful.

Our goal is to provide the latest news, pertinent information, and resources available for Small Businesses.

Small Business News

Keep updated on the latest news of importance to Small Businesses.

Entrepreneur News

Read the daily news selection for Entrepreneurs.

Online Fax Service

Use eFax, the world's largest Internet fax service with over 11 million users, to send and receive faxes all over the world. This web site also provides helpful resources regarding online faxes as well as a blog page. Sign up today for a 30-day free trial.

Becoming an Entrepreneur

Learn about starting your own small business by reading this helpful guide on how to become an entrepreneur.

Office Links

Provides information on Internet business planning and web site design and marketing for small business owners and entrepreneurs. is a powerful and essential tool for finding small business information quickly and efficiently. Get listed in the Network and reach more than 12 million users a month.

The Wall Street Journal Online

The Wall Street Journal Online is a valuable resource for small business owners and entrepreneurs. Find continuous news updates, market analysis, industry resources, and much more.

The web site is the leading UK resource for starting and running a small business. The web site is researched, written, and compiled by the same team responsible for the highly-acclaimed Lloyds TSB Small Business Guide.

The eNetSC Reading Room

Read our selection of reading material on a variety of topics. Find current articles on Small Business, Marketing, & E-Business. Start reading the weekly columns and learn from the experts.

Niche Marketing

Read an interesting article on finding the right audience for your products and services.

Discover Business - Startup and Entrepreneur Resources

Discover Business has helped thousands of startups get started, grow their businesses, and make a name for themselves in markets dominated by big companies. Business tools and business guides are also available online at no cost.

How to Write the Best Possible Business Plan

Planning a business and writing a business plan is more than having a business location and a product or service to sell. Financing, marketing strategy, and future growth all require a well-researched business plan.

Microsoft Excel Templates for Small Business Management

Microsoft Excel has long been known as one of the best office tools for organizing and analyzing data. Learn about 15 excellent Excel templates that will help any small business owner keep track of expenditures, income, and all other budget-related data.

The Holt Partnership

The Holt Partnership provides low cost web design and affordable web site templates for accountant practices and small to medium-sized businesses in the UK, Hertfordshire, and Internationally.

Yahoo! Small Business

Find all the resources you need to start your own business at Yahoo! Small Business.

Small Business Recruiting and Hiring Guide

The Small Business Recruiting and Hiring Guide is a collection of resources and introductory articles to help guide you in recruiting new employees for your small business.


Find small business resources, tools, and special offers at SmallBizManager.

Business Nation

Go to for small business and startup information, resources for entrepreneurs, franchise opportunities, businesses for sale listings, office and retail space rental directories, and discussion forums.

Small Business Administration

The Small Business Administration is one of the best Internet resources for small business owners.

Doug Williams and Associates, LLC

Doug Williams and Associates, LLC offers small business consulting for starting a business, writing marketing plans, developing business plans, performing business analysis, and more.


Bizquest is an online forum for buyers and sellers of small and medium-sized businesses. You will also find franchise opportunities.

Go to for resources designed to help you start and grow your business.

Joshua Feinberg's Small Biz Tech Talk

Joshua Feinberg is an internationally recognized small business technology expert, consultant, columnist, author, keynote speaker, trainer, and editor of a bi-weekly free "Tips" e-zine.

Startup Internet Marketing

Go to Startup Internet Marketing for free tools, tips, services and strategies for small business startups, Internet marketing, online advertising, and web site promotion.


Do you need help in incorporating your small business or limited liability company? Form-A-Corp enables individuals and business owners to form corporations or limited liability companies for their businesses. Whether you are an experienced business owner or incorporating a business for the first time, the easy-to-follow system and guide makes creating your entity simple, quick, and easy.

Small Business Opportunity Directory

The Small Business Opportunity Directory is a leading small business opportunity and franchising information web site, providing free resources to anyone interested in getting more information on any small business or franchise. provides a listing of the best small business web sites sorted by popularity. The rating is generated from the web address (URL) of each small business site being found in multiple Internet searches and the number of times the URL is mentioned on other web sites. - Small Business For Sale

Experience, commitment to low prices, and superior service have made a trusted marketplace for buying or selling businesses online. A customized search function allows you to search by location, business category, price, or other criteria.  You can also browse the most recent listings to find a profitable small business for sale.

Franchise Central - Franchise Advisers & Opportunities

Franchise Central is a recruitment management consultancy specializing in the development and marketing of franchised operations and hundreds of franchise opportunities throughout Australia.

Power Homebiz Guides has small business resources to help you start, manage, and grow your home business. You will find business ideas, business plans, marketing tips, e-commerce guides, financing a business, earning money on the Internet, and more.

Widener University - Resource Center

Widener University has a collection of business resources in its Resource Center that can be helpful for small business owners. is a resource for business owners and managers. It provides common sense ideas on how to use and manage a web site to sell your products or services.

Franchise Business For Sale

Franchise Business For Sale is a business investing web site specializing in franchise investments.

The HomeBiz-Hub

The HomeBiz-Hub is geared to home business owners, providing business guides, tools, and resources for small business owners.

Kanoodle Search Network

Are you seeking a cost efficient way to attract customers for your small business? Maximize your advertising investment by putting your search listings on thousands of search enabled sites via the Kanoodle Search Network. Sign up for a trial account today.