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Search Engine Colossus

Search Engine Colossus is an international directory of search engines.

Visit Search Engine Colossus!

Search the Internet at Search Engine Colossus with your choice of language.

Search Engine Colossus

Search Engine Colossus gives structure to the Internet by providing a roadmap to effectively gain access to the far reaches of the world. Current listings include over 2100 search engines from 198 countries and 60 territories around the world.


Submit your own search engine to the listing at Search Engine Colossus. Listings are free except for Pay Per Click (PPC) search engines, yellow page search engines, promo tag services, and priority placement services.

Flag Credits

Each search engine listing includes the flag for that location. Find information on the flags and view the listing of flag credits.

About Search Engine Colossus

Read information about Search Engine Colossus and learn about its history.

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